Electric Summer w/ Queen Killa Ki

Sh'kineh B. aka Killa Ki @queenkillaki

Blogger | Designer | Model | MUA | Singer | Stylist

in no particular order she does it all


Six months ago, I came across her profile on social media. A new face! As a photographer, I was estatic to stumble upon new talent right here in Arizona.  Her posts were fashionable, edgy, artistic, androgynous, and everything to make ya girl say yassssss! 🙌🏾 So photographing her was a must. I have now shot with this electric young lady several times and she kills everytime. Recently she shared with me the details of her upcoming projects, which are set to start launching late this summer. So here's to an electric summer with the Queen Killa Ki!


Killa Ki Models

Electric Summer

desert heat + a dip in the pool + hues of blue + Killa Ki = Electric Summer


Killa Ki Designs

Q: What details are you willing to divulge about your upcoming clothing line?

A: My upcoming line (INTO THE 9) is a line that I've been cultivating for months! It's about my 19th year. This year has been one of the most monumental and life changing years of my entire life; and, I'm expressing my testimony through the pieces I've designed. It's one of my bigger projects right now and is taking a lot of time because I'm very particular. But I am very excited to release my art in fashion unto the world.


Killa Ki Sings

Check out her latest tracks on SoundCloud

Q: How long have you been doing music? What are your musical inspirations?

A: I've been doing music since the moment I could speak. Dancing around in the classroom singing Grease while everyone stared at my striped socks and tutu. Yes.. I was that girl. I started writing my own songs around age 6 with my aunt Debbie. By age 8 I was writing my own. My mother worked in the music industry so I was practically brought up in a recording studio and church pew. My biggest music inspirations would have to be of course Michael and Janet Jackson, Josephine Baker, Cab Calloway, Bjork, Etta James, and lastly Liza Minelli. I was a theatre kid so expressing overly and in the most dramatic way possible is my forte.

Q: When can we expect your new music project to drop?

A: Well, when it comes to my music I'm what you call an experimental artist. I release whatever I want when I want. But this project will be my mixtape. It should actually be coming out pretty soon. And then I will be releasing a full project. So very excited!


Killa Ki Styles

My very first shoot with Killa Ki to showcase her styling

Q: What inspires your styling & design choices?

A: What truly inspires my style would have to be the mood I'm in that day or the emotion in feeling at the moment. One second I'm dressed in leather thigh high boots and black lipstick and a choker and the next I'm wearing gold metallic tattoos all over my bald head and wearing nothing but white. My style stems from my music, and my art. I'm very clean, being a New York native everything I like to keep up high fashion and relatable yet completely bizarre.


Killa Ki Blogs

Q: What is The Ki Life Brand?

A: The Ki Life Brand is a 360 Philanthropic complete expression of my life. I love to sing and make music, dance,act fashion design, fashion style, model and do makeup and give back to the community in anyway I can.

Q: What are your fav cosmetic products?

A: My favorite cosmetic products would have to be personally (that I use on a daily) is my Bobbi brown highlighter, my Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Witches and my Mac Fix + setting spray to keep me bright and glowy throughout the entire day!

Q: What are your fav summer looks?

A: Lately my favorite summer looks have been very Parisian, high fashion, Carrie Bradshaw-esque with my original punk/edgy girl twist. Extravagant/eclectic/weird pieces styled in a very modern way. Stripes, black & white, and pops of color with classic pointed heels or platform combat boot or lace up nude heels. In the summer, I like to look more girly. Flirtatious and bright colors bring out the girly but I always add a punch of black to keep it interesting. My style fluctuates a lot; but for the first time, I can say that my looks have been more grown than anything. I'm usually mistaken for being 24 when I'm only 19. I just choose to carry myself the way that my mind is set up.

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