HomeBase Poetry's 8th Anniversary: A Dream Turned Reality

When Black People Get Together…

HomeBase Poetry's 8th Anniversary: A Dream Turned Reality

When Black people get together it's always a good time. For almost any occasion you know there will be good food, good music, good vibes and if you're anything like my family some good 'ole trash talking over a game of spades. That's right. When we get together it's a celebration no matter what. But there's nothing more powerful than a community coming together to celebrate black accomplishments, our continued fight and achievements to overcome oppression, black love, and most of all commemorating one of our most influential leaders, Martin Luther King Jr.

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

HomeBase Poetry's 8th Anniversary Celebration hosted and put together by Harold Branch, aka HB, was a cultivating experience . If you expected anything less then you will soon learn that the black community of Phoenix, AZ is a force not to be reckoned with. My brothers and sisters were on a mission to transform MLK's Dream in to REALITY through creative performances of self-expression and self-love. Stepping in to our POWER individually and collectively to build our community that will set a strong foundation for the success and empowerment of our children.


Not only did HB have the crowd laughing at his poetic comedy but in between good jokes and the amazing performances, there were 8 powerful messages that were embedded in to our consciousness.


1. NO  MORE CP TIME: If you decide to be fashionably late then wear comfortable shoes because you will be standing. We definitely learned our lesson but we lucked up! (shout out to the gentlemen who gave up their seats) Believe me we now know that when HomeBase is putting something together the turnout will be epic.

2. MY PRESIDENT WAS BLACK, MY LAMBO'S BLUE: The American people will miss Obama, especially the black community. His farewell address was an unfortunate reminder, that THE greatest President, our BLACK, cool a$$ President will be leaving the White House. Trump who??? OBAMA 4 LIFE!

3.  EMBRACE YOUR STRUGGLE: Systematic violence has a major impact on the black community but one that is often overlooked is suicide, along with the mental health stigmas that have affected our black children. Learn More

4. "IT TAKES A VILLAGE": Representative Bob Thorpe introduced a bill to prevent all AZ school districts or charter schools from promoting social justice toward a race, gender, religion, political affiliation, social class or other class of people. If any school violates this act then up to ten percent of state aid can be withheld. What does this mean for US? Well, that it is our responsibility as a community to continue teaching our children OURstory and not HIStory. That oppression, prejudice or racism toward a specific group is not okay, therefore we must teach our children to do what is right. Learn More

5. WE ARE ART: We do poetry and we do it well. The arts are a big part of our community here in PHX and no matter what you're never too old or too young to pursue your dreams.  

6. STRONG AND WRONG: 'Messed' up people are always louder than good people. HB called it 'strong and wrong!' As a people we must be harsher against those who are doing effed up things like bad parenting, neglecting and abusing children (e.g. R. Kelly and Pastor Eddie Long). WE must make these people feel uncomfortable instead of turning a blind eye because of talent and the Word. In other words, eff you! Which leads us to the next message.

7. ALL BLACK ER'THING: Support Black Business! Give our brothers and sisters who are out here creating and building empires a chance. That is, a chance to make a mistake and not giving multiple chances to other businesses who have no desire to build our communities.

8. WE FOCUS ON THE WRONG THINGS: Black people, wake up! *drops mic*

Thank you HomeBase for providing  a safe place for artists to share their truth and talents.

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written by L. Randolph