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The Photo Cook Out: The Photography Conference Pushing Photographers of Color Forward

What’s part Family Reunion, part networking, part classroom and has a WHOLE lot of photographers?… THE PHOTO COOKOUT!

That’s right The Photo Cookout. A place for photographers to come together, eat good, learn about photography and the business of it. This year Tomayia Colvin Education put together their first annual photography conference with a line up of over 15 Black speakers/educators in the photo industry. Anyone familiar with the photo industry understands that this is no small feat as the majority of photo conference typically have less than a handful of photographers of color on their line ups. With prominent conferences requiring speakers to have experience. Tomayia Colvin Education is providing opportunity to aspiring speakers and educators to a get a foot in the door at The Photo Cookout.

This year over 200 photographers showed up in Atlanta for this special occasion. Next year we will be reuniting again in the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Shot on Canon AE-1 [35mm film, Portra 400]

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90s After Party

Shot on Canon 7D