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Being In The Pursuit of WOW! with Celia Schauble

Celia Schauble:  In The Pursuit of WOW!  Experience Photoshoot  at Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa  Photography by Deanna S Reid, The Social Photog  Makeup by Jalia Pettis

Celia Schauble: In The Pursuit of WOW! Experience Photoshoot at Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa

Photography by Deanna S Reid, The Social Photog

Makeup by Jalia Pettis

The power of connection holds true for me in a space of how I get to choose and interact with my clients. It’s been almost 2 years since my dear friend and mentor, Rosa Cardenas of Blush Beautiques, introduced me to a lovely woman named Celia Schauble, owner and designer of In The Pursuit of WOW! Design Studio. 

Celia is a design genius.

Not only is she an interior designer who marries one’s soul to their home, but she’s a textile creator, writer, entrepreneur, love ambassador (self love), and soul coach. I’ve always and forever will be a fan of lace but she has introduced me to a larger world of design, textiles, and patterns.  Working with Celia has afforded me insight into my own worth in business and providing understanding for being “In The Pursuit of WOW!”

Being completely transparent, I’ve always been more than a photographer to entrepreneurs and their businesses. But I didn’t always know how to manage that being that my initial business and introduction was “the photographer.”   While I embrace the title and photography has and always will be my first passion, I realized that I was developing a love for helping people develop ideas and strategies to execute their vision and supporting them through visual design and technology to become more efficient.  Most of my business is actual done behind a computer instead of behind a camera.  This has been true with Celia and In The Pursuit of WOW! Design Studio as we have worked for the past year to realign her brands under  More of our time has been spent cultivating the plan of action.  Hours of conversation, developing marketing ideas and strategy, planning for transitioning into a public figure, media kits, website rebuilds, digital assets for branding, troubleshooting tech like emails and Google My Buisness, introduction to apps and tools to increase productivity and creating ease with work flows.  There’s more but I think you get the drift; I’ve been working! I’m kind of like an in-house marketing agency but in 1 body.  

Currently, it is just me at The Social Photog.  I am a one woman band.  But if I learned anything about being in business, it’s to stay ready for change.  I understand that as clients like Celia grow, so will The Social Photog. At the end of the day, for me it’s about creating the narrative for my clients and owning their stories and sharing in an experience in growth of branding.  I’m here for it! Each client brings something different to the table; its never boring.  It’s exciting and inspiring.  As working with Celia has reminded me, always be  “In The Pursuit of WOW!”... we win every time.

~Deanna S Reid, The Social Photog


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