The Culture Quench on Black Female Photographers


I got a feature! I got feature! I got a feature hey hey hey hey!

So today my work was featured on  


Let me tell you why... 

There are a ton of amazing photographers in the world.  There are even awesome photographers that educate other photographers on the skills and business. But in my experience there is a disconnect for certain artists in the industry.  A disconnect that other Black Female Photographers have been able to relate to.  So being in a group of 2.8k+ Black Female Photographers that support, educate, and celebrate each other in the craft, has been refreshing and has been a missing factor for me.  So like I said it's kinda a big deal!

Shout out to the talented team of women who made this shoot possible.

Designers: Ennye Collection (Mercy & Matipa)

Hair: Vela Davis, V Davis Culture

Makeup: Jalia Pettis

Styling: Tonicia Barker

Model: Christel Elyse

Being in the desert I began to feel dry. I was thirsty for culture and a sisterhood that I was used to back east. So I went on a hunt to find dope people of color in Phoenix, Arizona. On my quest, I connected with two of the dopest creatives in Arizona... Makeup artist Jalia Pettis and Natural Hair stylist Vela Davis. Both these women have inspired and encouraged me in my business as a photographer. When we work together, it’s never work... it’s a moment to release creatively and connect in kinship.
— Deanna S Reid