Camera Day: Overcoming the Fear of Starting. Step 1 - Start.


Recently, I’ve had several request to teach classes for marketing, branding, and photography. Honestly the thought of standing in front of a group of people staring at me is terrifying. Since I can remember, I've had this fear.  During my sophomore year at Old Dominion University, I enrolled in "Interpersonal Communications" just so I wouldn't have to take public speaking to fulfill my communications requirement.  Class presentations made me anxious, shit presentations still make me anxious til this day.  But here I am committing to step out side of my comfort zone. So today is Step 1 - Start.  Just starting the journey for what it is worth, no matter how big or small the step. 

Today I started by spending the day with creative stylist, Vela Davis of V Davis Culture. Melody Guerrero lent us her beauty as she became our subject for this Camera Day. Vela draped Mel in a beautifully printed kimono. Then we paired our subject with a textured wall inside Downtown Phoenix’s Desoto Central Market. We talked f-stops, shutter speeds, ISOs and other components needed to create an exposure before shooting began.  It wasn’t a crash course in photography but it was a start. A small step. #babysteps


Overall it was a great experience and I was also able to get in a few gorgeous captures of Mel.

Photography: Deanna S Reid, The Social Photog

Styling/Hair: Vela Davis, V Davis Culture

Model: Melody Guerrero